Meet Steven

Out of the shadow and into life

Hi there, my name is Steven Archer and I am the Founder of Inner Fire Inner Calm—a long-term dream come reality.

It feels like just yesterday when everything in life seemed like an assault on my very being. I was a shadow of the man I am now—constantly in pain, low-energy and a general feeling of malady was my everyday experience of life.

Like a lot of people in modern society, I had been through the wringer of life. I dealt with stress, poor diet, social anxiety and poor coping skills. This all led to coping through alcohol and drug use.

Eventually, the house of cards called life came to crashing down to a point where things had to change.

And so I began on a journey where I delved deep into the philosophies of mind and body. This helped to truly restore my own life and by living these philosophies, it resulting to a much greater quality and satisfaction in life.

This journey has by no means happened over night, it began in a most humbling way—by admitting that I couldn’t do it myself. This was when I entered a drug and rehabilitation centre. From there I had a seventeen-year career in the military, where I then began to work in disability, mental health and with at-risk youth.

I have now found my mission in life, in the service of others who have had similar challenges. I have invested heavily in myself with the aim to heal and empower others. I have studyed many modalities including:

I am a life-long learner in the human condition and am currently working on what I believe will be my greatest and most passionate project—the relationship with language and belief systems.

Regardless if you are suffering from depression or anxiety, trauma, or poor physical health, Inner Fire Inner Calm can help.

I provide one-on-one coaching to help motivate, educate and support you to create sustainable change in your life.

How can I help?

Trauma and Transformation

Guiding you to make some powerful choices that can help turn your challenges into motivation that can propel you through life with grace and peace.

Resilience and Grit Training

It's all about changing your beliefs through real world experience building so you can do about anything you put your mind to.

Mind/Body Expertise

Teaching you how to integrate healthy mind and body practices that will enhance your already busy life and help you sustain it.

Mindset Coaching

Helping you to build resources, beliefs and values that will empower you to live the life that better aligns with you.

Nutritional Guidance

Providing nutritional guidance to improve wellbeing and to help those suffering from modern day maladies, including diabetes and autoimmune diseases.

Clients share the love

And you can too! I’d love to hear from you about your experiences with Inner Fire Inner Calm below.

I highly recommend Steven, he speaks with conviction and energy. He holds space for people and shows a lot of empathy.

I walk away feeling valued and validated.

I now face life with renewed confidence and energy.

Thankyou Steve for your continued support and Friendship.


Steve is a very caring man and is passionate about showing you how to create the life that you dream for yourself. He will work to enable you to clear the blocks that hold you back so you can move forward to your desired future.

Rosemary M